Steep Parish Plan

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In September 2009, Steep Parish Council invited a group of volunteers to form a steering group to produce the Parish Plan. The principal members of the group were as follows:

  • Tony Struthers (Chair)
  • Peter Cruttenden (Secretary)
  • Trevor Hines (Treasurer)
  • Graham Banks (Parish Councillor)
  • Terry Cook (Parish Councillor)
  • Jim MacDonald (Parish Councillor)
  • Philip Mileham
  • Fran Box
  • Drake Hocking
  • James Rush
  • Lucy Soal (EHDC)
  • Celia Storey
  • Jeremy Young
  • Ray Street

A number of others also contributed directly to the work of the team, including Linda Henderson, Linda Munday (of EHDC), Geoffrey Russell and Alex Patchett-Joyce.

The Group met a total of thirty times and the minutes of all meetings are available by clicking here.