Steep Parish Plan

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The four documents which make up the body of work produced by the Steering Group were published on October 20th, 2012, following adoption of the key action points by Steep Parish Council during the previous three months.

There are four key strands of future activity:

  1. From an operational point of view, it is expected that the Parish Council will immediately begin to use the new Planning Design Guidance as its main benchmark in reviewing all future planning applications submitted to it. Applicants will also be encouraged to take this into account before submission.

  2. The Parish Council will begin discussions with East Hampshire District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority (being the ultimate planning decision maker for the area) to have the Parish Plan adopted as supplementary planning guidance. If successful, this change would give the wishes of the local community (as expressed in the Plan) much greater weight in final decisions on planning matters.

  3. The twelve action areas identified in the Parish Plan will be progressed by the Parish Council. It has already organised a series of Councillor-led committees (which will also involve other residents) to focus on each of these areas in more detail over the coming months and years.

  4. The landscape management priorities (included in the Landscape Character Assessment) are more general statements of direction for the landscape and are influenced or managed by a number of different agencies. However, the Parish Council will monitor progress on these priorities from time to time, arrange for further assessments and communicate with the various consultative bodies with an interest in Steepís countryside.