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Work on Steep’s Buildings & Monuments Record was carried out over a period of three years. The final report was published on 20th October 2012. This record sets out the buildings and monuments in the parish of Steep which are of interest from a historic or literary point of view. The principal sources are:

  • English Heritage: which provides an on-line database of buildings and structures that are listed as being of special architectural and historic interest. It also includes a photo record of some of the buildings.

  • Pevsner - The Buildings of England Hampshire: Winchester and the North - Michael Bullen, John Croak, Rodney Hubbuck and Nikolaus Pevsner, Yale University Press 2010: // - this is an updated and revised form of part of the original Buildings of England guide to Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, published by Penguin Books 1967 and written jointly by Nikolaus Pevsner and David W. Lloyd.

  • The Archaeology and Historic Buildings Record (AHBR) is the Historic Environment Record for Hampshire County Council. It is an index to the known archaeological sites and finds, historic buildings, designed and historic landscapes, parks and gardens, and industrial monuments in the county. See historic-buildings-register

  • The Hampshire Register of Historic Parks and Gardens is a database of parks, gardens, and other designed landscapes in Hampshire, based on survey, research and recording of sites carried out by Hampshire County Council, Hampshire Gardens Trust and others. The Register notes “the information varies from sites that are fully documented to those that may have little more than a site name and location. Research continues and the database is continually being added to; some records may be confidential to respect the wishes of particular owners". See historic-parks-gardens.

  • Hampshire Treasures Online (HT) is the original Hampshire County Council record of treasures to be found throughout Hampshire. A Hampshire Treasure is defined thus: "Those natural or man made features of the county which are of public interest by reason of their aesthetic, archaeological, historic, scenic, scientific, sociological or traditional interest, and whose deterioration or destruction would represent a serious loss to our heritage." See Hampshire Treasures The records relating to Steep are in Volume 6 (East Hampshire) pages 301 - 309.

  • Victoria County History (VCH) 'Parishes: Steep'. A History of the County of Hampshire:Volume 3 (1908), pp. 77-81.

  • Whiteman, W.M.(Bill). Bill Whiteman (1905 - 1989) was a writer of local history, caravanning and the countryside who lived at Northfield Cottage, Church Road, Steep. He wrote several books on Steep and collected an archive of material about the area, its buildings and personalities. His books and articles include: ‘The Edward Thomas Country’, Paul Cave Publications, Southampton 1988; ‘The Origins of Steep’, Petersfield Papers No 4, ‘The Reputed Manor of Ashford, Steep’, Petersfield Papers No. 8, both by Petersfield Area Historical Society, and a series of unpublished notes in his archive.

Other sources are noted in the text.

The contents of the Record are seventy-seven buildings and monuments, in Steep together with the principal buildings of Bedales. The Steep Parish Map provides an index to the location of individual buildings which are recorded in an approximate west - east sequence. A list of the principal architects and their buildings is included for reference purposes.

Buildings and Monuments Record Contents List

  1. Introduction

  2. Preface

  3. Steep Parish Map

  4. Ridge Common Lane

  5. Lythe Lane

  6. Dunhill and Dunhurst

  7. Stoner Hill

  8. Church Road

  9. Mill Lane

  10. Ashford Lane

  11. Steep Hill and Harrow Lane

  12. Steep Marsh, Bowers Common and London Road, Sheet

  13. Bedales

  14. The Hangers

  15. Architects A - Z

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